What to expect from helicopter training

Flying a helicopter is an amazing skill to learn, within it are many other skills that can help to guide your career. Training to fly a helicopter takes time and requires a lot of commitment, but the rewards from this career path are great. In this blog, we’re telling you what to expect from helicopter training.

There are a range of different training courses that you can complete. You should conduct a high level of research into which level of training is right for you. It’s important that you take time to ensure that you are making the correct decision for you and your desired career path. 

After you have chosen your helicopter training course, you will need to find a training school that offers your course. We offer a range of courses from beginners to advanced helicopter training, it all depends what’s right for you. If we do not offer the course that you require, we can facilitate a training programme that will help you reach your desired outcome. 

It’s hard to estimate how long it takes to get a helicopter license, as they vary in length depending on the course. For example, some students choose to undertake a degree programme and others choose to do in house training to achieve the correct license. There is no right or wrong way to achieve a license, it depends on the path that you choose to take. In the UK, in order to fly helicopters commercially, you need 5 GCSE’s (Grades from A* to C), to have passed a medical assessment, to ensure that you are fit for being in charge of an aircraft and have a minimum of 155 hours flying time. 

When you begin your helicopter training, you will be met by a friendly flight instructor who will be showing you all you need to know about flying a helicopter. After you have formally met your instructor, they will introduce you to checklists, which you will use each time you get into a helicopter. In the beginning of your training, you can expect to learn a lot of theory, such as safety of the helicopter. Your instructor will walk you around the helicopter and show you how to ensure that the aircraft is in full working order and is safe to fly. 

After the relevant checks have been completed outside of the aircraft, you will most likely be ready to sit inside with your instructor. They will show you some basic controls and you will wear a headset so you can hear important information from the air traffic control unit. It is very important to ensure that you know the basics before you fly an aircraft. 

Helicopter training courses are not cheap, so it’s a good idea to look around for the school you know will facilitate your needs for a reasonable price. The price that you will pay for helicopter training will vary based on the license that you choose to obtain. 

Flying a helicopter is an amazing experience and before you do it, it’s hard to know what to expect. A high-quality training academy will ensure that your needs are constantly met and that you are comfortable and have the correct level of knowledge at all times. 

If you’re interested in completing your training to obtain a helicopter pilot’s license, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team, we’re always happy to help. Whether you’ve already completed basic training or you’re starting from scratch, we have courses available for people at each stage of their pilot journey.