International Students

HeliSpeed Academy is currently working alongside our Academic Partners to secure a Visa Programme for our international students outside of Europe. More information on the Visa Types and support available for international students will be coming soon.

Visa Types

If you are preparing to come to the UK to join our helicopter training academy and have non-European Economic Area or Swiss nationality, you will need to acquire a study visa.

There are two types of study visas available:

1.  Tier 4 Visa
  • If you are travelling to the UK to study on a full-time programme for more than six months, you’ll need the Tier 4 (T4) visa.
  • It may be possible to do limited work on a Tier 4 visa. You may be entitled to bring your family with you (subject to meeting specific criteria), and you may be authorised to extend your Tier 4 visa in the UK, (circumstances depending).
  • The UK uses a points-based immigration system with various ‘tiers’. Tier 4 is the tier which relates to students.
  • It is not possible to apply for a Tier 4 visa once you have already arrived in the UK. This must be done in your home country.
2.  Short-Term Study Visa
  • Applications for short-term visas should be made through the British Embassy or in your home country, via a Visa Application Centre (VAC).
  • You will need a letter proving that you have secured a place within your chosen study programme.
  • Evidence to show that you have enough money for your fees and to fund yourself throughout your stay in the UK will need to be submitted.
  • Depending on your chosen flight training programme and your country of origin, you may need a letter from your home country institution and your tuberculosis (TB) test result.
  • You can apply for a short-term study visa up to 3 months before your course starts. Typically, you should receive a decision on your application within three weeks; however, we recommend checking the visa processing times in your own country.