Six steps to becoming a helicopter pilot

1. Discover why you should become a helicopter pilot

Before starting your helicopter flight training, discover why you want to get a pilot license.

Live your passion

Always wanted to become a helicopter pilot? It’s time to reach for the sky, take off somewhere new and make those dreams a reality.

You’ll be in high demand.

There has never been a more exciting time to become a pilot. With a growing demand for helicopter pilots worldwide and a maturing pilot population exiting the workforce; HeliSpeed Academy estimates that 255,000 new pilots will be needed over the next ten years.

50% of those pilots won’t have begun their training yet and so if you’re passionate about flying, now is the perfect time to learn.

An office in the sky

The definition of an office with a view. Whether it’s your first solo flight or your twentieth year of flying, the novelty of working a thousand feet off the ground never wears off.

Join the Family

We’re a global family made up of extraordinary people, committed to excellence and the continuous evolution of broadening knowledge and sharpening skills. Here at HeliSpeed Academy, we will embrace, encourage and support you throughout your career.

2. Explore our programmes

Before you get started, take a look at the various training courses available and find what’s right for you. Our helicopter flight training academy will take you from beginner level through to attaining your desired pilot license.

3. Apply online

To submit your application, click ‘Apply‘ in the section of your preferred course. Please check that you meet the eligibility requirements  before applying.

4. Pass our assessment and selection process

After you have met the eligibility requirements of your preferred course, you will be invited to begin our assessment and selection process. This assessment typically consists of a computer-based aptitude test.

5. Obtain a Class 1 Medical Certificate

Next, you will need to obtain a Class 1 Medical Certificate from a medical examiner. Your medical test will take up to 4 hours and will need to be approved by the relevant national aviation authority. In some cases, this can be secured at the time of your assessment.

What to expect:

  • You will fill in an application form for your Medical Certificate. This will cover your medical history and any previous illnesses.
  • You will be required to pass an Ishihara test to check your colour vision. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, it’s essential to take your last optician’s report to the examination.
  • There will be a general physical examination which will cover the lungs, heart, blood pressure, stomach, limbs and nervous system.
  • Your hearing will be evaluated with a pure tone audiometry test.
  • The electrocardiogram (ECG) test will measure the electrical impulses passing through your heart. This test can show disorders of the heart rhythm or the conduction of impulses.
  • You will have a lung function test to check your ability to expel air rapidly from the lungs.
  • A small finger-prick blood test will be carried out to measure the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. You will be required to have a blood test to check your lipids and cholesterol. This will help to determine your risk of future heart and blood vessel disease.
  • Finally, you will be asked to provide a sample of urine to test for sugar (diabetes), protein or blood in the urine.

You can find more detailed information about all areas covered in the medical examination.

6. Arrange funds & book your course start date

While our fees at HeliSpeed Academy are competitively priced, offering unmatched value, we recognise that pilot training is a costly proposition. Training prices vary, depending on your chosen course.

Once you have successfully passed our assessment, you may wish to explore funding solutions with one of our approved partners to alleviate the financial pressures of your training. To find out more about our partnerships with independent organisations, please contact a HeliSpeed Academy Training Advisor.

Please note:

HeliSpeed Academy is not a registered Financial Service Advisor (FSA). We are unable to provide professional advice, financial guidance or comments on questions related to lender financing options.