Your Career as a Pilot

Life beyond HeliSpeed Academy

So, you’ve completed your training and have a helicopter pilot license – congratulations! But what’s next?

At HeliSpeed Academy, we’re committed to supporting you throughout your career. Whether you want to transition into a new role, further your learning experiences or land your first job, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

If you train with HeliSpeed Academy, you’ll be in one of the best positions in the world to find a career pathway in aviation. Once you’ve completed your training, we will transition you over to our sister company, HeliSpeed Solutions, providing pilot staffing solutions to global operators.

About HeliSpeed Solutions

HeliSpeed Solutions was founded by pilots for pilots. It’s our mission to match the skillset, ambitions and preferences of our pilots with the requirements of our global network of operators.

We’ve built a world-class reputation for working quickly and efficiently to ensure organisations are supplied with the right pilots and engineers, at the right time. HeliSpeed Solutions remains at the forefront of our industry, providing short and long-term pilot staffing and engineering solutions.

Our database of qualified pilots is called HeliTrax and is completely free to join.


Why Join our HeliTrax Database?

  • It’s completely free for helicopter pilots to register with HeliTrax
  • Our pilots take home 100% of the fee offered by the operator, at the going rate. We never take a commission fee from our pilots.
  • We get to know your ambitions, skills and expertise so that we can effectively match your skills with the right operators
  • With short and long-term projects available all over the world, there is complete flexibility
  • There is no obligation to accept a job. HeliTrax helicopter pilots can choose which opportunities they take and when they want to work to fit in with their lifestyle
  • Once a pilot accepts a mission, we look after all of the admin and logistics. We’ll take care of the paperwork – you take care of the flying!