How would you like the ultimate flight experience in Manchester?

We have many training courses available at our flying school near Manchester. Whether you’re completely new to flying or you’re wanting to advance your skills, we’ve got many helicopter flight courses that you can take a look at.

If you’re based around Manchester and can’t find the course you’re looking for on our website, get in touch anyway, we can enquire about gaining ATO approval to accommodate your needs. We pride ourselves on offering a professional and high-quality service in each of our flight training courses.

As well as our high standards, we believe in offering a truly immersive experience, which is also possible during our introductory flights. After you’ve received your safety briefing, you will be encouraged to take control of the aircraft, even during a taster session. Our introductory and trial flying lessons near Manchester are available for purchase from our website. They can also be purchased via a helicopter flying gift voucher, they’re a great gift for someone interested in the aviation industry.

Get in contact with us to find out more information.

More on Manchester

The City of Manchester is the fifth most populated city in the UK. It has some incredible links to transport, music and sport. Manchester is surrounded by some popular locations across the country, some of which may be visible during our helicopter flights around Manchester.

Please note: HeliSpeed Academy is a CAA Approved Training Organisation and performs all these flights in accordance with CAA document “Introductory Flights – Guidance to Operators”.