Our Helicopter Pilot Students

Welcome aboard

Becoming a new or experienced helicopter pilot requires a special kind of person to succeed. At HeliSpeed Academy, we’re a like-minded bunch and welcome those who, like us, thrive off a challenge and share the same enthusiasm and passion for flying.

Whether you’re new to flying, or an experienced pilot – we’re here to help turn your sky-high dreams into a reality!

The HeliSpeed Academy family

As our helicopter training school continues to grow, we’ll never compromise our commitment to maintaining an open and honest culture. From the moment you first interact with us, through to when you complete your training (and beyond), you’re a part of the HeliSpeed family. We’re completely devoted to our global family of extraordinary people and are committed to supporting you throughout your pilot career.

Learn from the best

At HeliSpeed Academy, you’ll be trained by our team of commercially accomplished professionals.

We know how important ‘real world training’ is. That’s why our selection process to become a ground or flight instructor at HeliSpeed Academy is a rigorous one. We want to ensure that your helicopter flight training really is world-class and so all of our carefully selected instructors are highly experienced professionals. We have a trusted and proven name in the helicopter industry, and our long-standing relationships with operators is a result of the first-class standard of service and training we deliver.

Top Tip
If you want to be a helicopter pilot, don’t be fooled by the offer, “If you train with us, we guarantee all our student instructors a job.” Make sure your instructor has the experience to support you after your training! At HeliSpeed, our real-world instructors assist worldwide operators with their staffing requirements and place hundreds of pilots in worldwide positions every year.

Helicopter training with HeliSpeed

All of our students are trained alongside the newest technically advanced aircraft. Though our courses do require a high level of commitment, determination and discipline from our students, there’s no denying that the rewards far surpass all of the hard work! We genuinely care about our students and pride ourselves on creating a supportive and safe training environment.

Life beyond the academy

So, you’ve got your helicopter pilot license – what’s next?

We don’t just want our students to invest in training and getting their private pilot license – we want to provide them with the ability to land their first job.

At HeliSpeed Academy, we remain at the forefront of our industry, working with operators all over the world to create multiple career pathways for our students.

We don’t want you to stop learning once you have your helicopter license and so we can support you in furthering your learning experiences. Please ask our team about Private Pilot License (PPL) further training programmes.

Find the right helicopter training course for you

Whether you’re new to the aviation industry and fancy a trial lesson, or you’re an experienced pilot looking to gain new skills – you’ve come to the right place.

We offer helicopter pilot training programmes in-house and also facilitate courses at the best training schools around the world. To be a helicopter training academy, you need a helicopter pilot license from the civil training aviation authority and that license is to conduct training under an ATO (approved training organisation). Each EASA CAA training course has to be approved by the CAA.  If we don’t offer the course you’re searching for, let us know and we may be able to get ATO approved for the specific course you’re interested in.

Browse our training courses to find the right programme for you.

Top Tip
Did you know there are two types of training schools: Declared Training Organisation (DTO) and Approved Training Organisations (ATO)? Due to the higher qualifications needed within an ATO, only they can perform advanced helicopter training courses. Don’t forget to ask your school what qualification they have!